Ciao, we are OBLQ.

We are an Italian creative collective focused on technology and interaction design communication.

Let's talk

We are a group of professionals from various backgrounds who decided to join forces in 2021.

Our works blend visual design and technology to create experiential installations and touchpoints.

We have more than 20 years expertise in communication and project management.

Team members are Gianmaria Vernetti (creative technologist), Andrea Pagano (creative director), Franz Goria (project manager, UX-UI designer) and Claudio Tropeano (technical manager).

We are based in Italy, operating globally.

We have good manners too.

Our expertise

Interaction design

Immersive installations

Media design

Generative and parametric design

UX-UI design


Live interactive installation based on the principle of Islamic geometric design.

Here and now in 82021

NFT data art for distant future generations

Let's get in touch.

We are based in Turin, Italy, in a lovely post industrial building.

Feel free to write us a message or contact us via email or phone.

68, Via Valprato, 10155 Turin, Italy
Phone: +39 3355391449

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